"Details Can be a Real Bear, Let us Handle them for You"

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Beetle & Laura Schiele

Schiele Construction was founded in 1980 with three core beliefs in mind: honesty, quality, and generosity. Our continual pursuit of these guiding principles has earned us the reputation of being one of the premier General Contractors in the Sapphire, Cashiers and Highlands area of Western North Carolina. Our love of this area is reflected in all we do. We try to capture the timeless beauty of these lovely Mountains to create a design that brings your dreams to reality. 

Here at Schiele Construction, we believe our combined skill-sets and straightforward approach to doing business position us within a desired segment of the construction industry. Our business philosophy lends itself to the fulfillment of the customer's desires in a manner that coincides with their sense of value and our own. We look forward to demonstrating our one-of-a-kind service to you in the near future. Member of National Realtor Association, Highlands & Cashiers Board of Realtors, the Smokey Mountain Builders Association.

There are certain practices employed within our work environment that lend credence to our beliefs and fundamentally shape our philosophy for success. Our detail-oriented job-cost estimate sheet is one tool we use to meet this goal. Having an itemized account of every cost associated with a project is an invaluable resource. Another practice is the facilitation of communication between parties throughout the life of a project. Fostering continual awareness through frequent discussion is one of the most effective means for maintaining the health of a project over time. Developing and maintaining successful relationships with each team member involved in the construction of a project is another key practice.


All Construction phases including but not limited to:
● Custom Home Design
● Remodels & Additions
● Stonework
● Custom Furniture
● Ecofriendly Materials
● Extreme Building Locations
● Landscaping & Excavation
● Nano Wall Technology
● Restoration & Corrections

● Septic Installation
All Phases of construction and commercial and residential renovations 

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to complete each project on time, and at budget. We do this with a hands on approach, with Beetle working on site daily to insure quality, open communication with our client through all phases of the job, and with the use of a detail oriented itemized cost sheet that is updated daily and shared with the customer regularly. We believe in keeping you up to date through all phases of the project. 

With over 15 years experience working directly on the plateau, we understand the different challenges that are unique to building in this area. Working through such challenges without affecting the bottom line and production is what sets us apart. It is an attention to detail and the ability to anticipate the unknown elements.